April 30th, 2016 - 11th Annual Darts for Dreams
Cook Athletic Association
The weather for the day was... Low temperature was 46, high temperature was 61.
Clear all day. A one day break from rain on Thursday and Friday, then Sunday.
This year, the players shot 51 darts for a high score.
The team event was a total of 204 darts. Winners for the year are
Mens Womens Team Youth
Frank Gorham
Jess Ritchie
Team Gorham
Elijah Dillon

Donation Totals


$50,100 71
A little story about this years event from the event director
This year's raffle winners: Ticket 0125 (TV), 1579 (IPAD) and 1687 (XBOX). All prizes have been claimed. Thank you to everyone who helped raise money by purchasing raffle tickets!

This is a special year. First, it's the start of our 2nd decade, our 11th year.

We get off to a late start this year on raffles. There's an issue in Hamilton with the private clubs, so our licenses are held back until a Special Affairs Permit is processed. While we don't start until late March, we still sell about 1875 raffles- almost $9,000 worth.

Second, we get some fantastic help from JoAnn D, who volunteers to drop off letter and sell raffles. What a fantastic addition to the event in this capacity. JoAnn sells 300 raffles and brings in almost $3,000 for the ad-book!

Third, Disney and LucasFilms are running a promotion called a Force for Change, pledging up to $1 Million to four charities, one of which is Make A Wish. We're able to get some of our cash on hand and a few individual donations processed that way, and get a total of $8,500 additional towards our total.

We know the women of Philadelphia will be at 'A Women's Thing' in Maryland this weekend. It happens periodically. They'll be missed of course. Good News - the guys still come without them. We get to the hall on Saturday with about $38,000 accounted for. We leave at the end of the day with about $44,000. We still have some silent auction collections, some long time sponsors with commitments to catch up and finally some company matches to register. All told, we'll be over $49,000 and an outside shot at $50,000!!! In 11 years now, we've totaled just under $250,000 -- YES, you read that right! ONE QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLARS!!!

Documents and attachments for this year are below
Final Donation Report
Kids Wish Letter
TShirt Design