April 28th, 2018 - 13th Annual Darts for Dreams
Cook Athletic Association
The weather for the day was... Low temperature was 48, high temperature was 73.
Mostly sunny all day. Rain later on as we were finishing up.
This year, the players shot 51 darts for a high score.
The team event was a total of 204 darts. Winners for the year are
Mens Womens Team Youth
Joe Craig
Mary Thomas
ASL? 3 Yes, 1 Maybe
Shane Adams

Donation Totals


$59,240 123
A little story about this years event from the event director
Well, it's December 2017. The event is about 5 and a half months away, but things have been in motion for a while. Our raffle applications are back already and printing should be done this week. As usual, we'll be off and running by the start of the new year.

Some changes are in store for 2018. We're going to try and sell 2500 raffles this year, up from 2000 last year. This extra 500 raffles just about covers all the expenses for the event, and still leaves about $10,000 in profit. Hopefully, we'll have enough volunteers to help sell some. Every raffle helps!!!

Next, we're going to change the prize table a little. We normally have 2 tiers of raffles. The lower priced raffles, $3, 20 for 20, and the higher priced ones at $5, 8 for 20. This year, we're going to add a third tier - maybe $10, 3 for $20 or similar. Many of the items on the silent auction will then transition to raffles. This gives everyone a chance to win some of the great prizes we have this year. Already on the table are the usual darts products, as well as a Carson Wentz signed football and a Steve Carlton signed jersey.

In early December, I had a chance to go to the MAW Castle. There, Tom Weatherall, MAWNJ CEO spoke, along with board members and wish parents. I listened to Denise speak about her son Nico, from Robbinsville. We talked later and are expecting them to speak at Darts for Dreams Thirteen! I also had the privilege of hearing Suzanne speak and tell the story of Olivia Rae (of the Gap Kids commercial and the movie Wonder). Suzanne said something that just resonated, and we're going to find a way to incorporate it into the Darts for Dreams theme...

Tomorrow isn't Promised!

Wow!!! What a day. Over 120 people came out to the event. We raised over $58,000 this year. There isn't much more to say. I'm continually amazed on all fronts. Thank you everyone!

Documents and attachments for this year are below