Darts for Dreams 13 -- April 28th, 2018
Cook Athletic Association -- Where is that?

Our Darts for Dreams 13 total is over $58,000

This year we had over 250 sponsors and over 120 attendees
The raffle winners were: TV : 0251, iPad: 0554, and Playstation : 1327. We have contacted all winners.
The Steve Carlton Jersey is unclaimed. The ticket number is 0119 - there's no info on it and no one at the event claimed it. It will be back on the table next year.

You can still help by clicking here to donate!!! Follow our Facebook event page here!!!
Darts for Dreams 13 Final Donation Report 2017 Event Recap here!!!

Welcome to the Darts for Dreams info page. Here, you'll find all the useful information to help you understand what Darts for Dreams is about, how to help out, and how to get involved. Some brief history- Starting in 2006, the GTDL partnered with Make A Wish New Jersey for an event called Darts for Dreams. We raised just about $5,800. While nothing too shabby, we quickly realized there was so much more out there. Our second year we raised $8,300. Our totals have increased each year, with the 2016 even raising over $50,000!!! In 2017, we took a small step backwrd, raising $49,000... In 2018, over $58,000!!!

In 2018, things started off great and just continued on that path. We sold over 2200 of the TV tickets, more than ever. We shifted some things from the silent auction to a $5 premium raffle (which raised over $3000, more than the auction would have). We still had 20 + auction items, about 30 baskets and over 100 of our regular raffles. We had gift bags for the first 100 attendees, give-aways and door prizes, and I'd say most people won something.

Nico came out with his family. He is a 6 year old from Robbinsville. His wish was to spend time at the Nickolodeon resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic and stay in the Spongebob Pineapple. Wish granted. Nico's mom Denise spoke with Nico about their experience, what MAWNJ means to them and their belief that it's not done - so coming to events like ours is a way to help connect and give back just that little bit. Nico played some darts, left with some prizes, a dartboard and darts. In a few years, maybe we'll have a new GTDL player!?

MAWNJ has set an ambitious goal of finding and funding every eligible with in NJ. They believe there are about 700 each year. In 2017, the granted 530 wishes. Darts for Dreams continues to be able to help them reach their goal and stay on track -- MAWNJ has never turned away a wish due to lack of funding! Since this event started in 2006, after thriteen years, $354,000 has been collected and over 35 wishes have been sponsored!!!
Thank you to everyone- Sponsors, Attendees, Volunteers our host locations and anyone who has helped in anyway at all!!